About the BC Cadillac Club

We are a group of highly motivated people who have shared our love for Cadillacs for over six years now. We are meeting every month at Dueck GM, 400 SE Marine Drive, Vancouver. We hoped to form a club right from the beginning and have been slowly but surely finding the ways and means to do so. We’re committed and now confident of our success.

We started by setting a monthly meeting schedule in order to tackle the logistics of establishing a club from scratch. We have been very fortunate enough to meet with great people who have helped guide and direct our somewhat youthful founders. We have kept a record of all our activities, from the minutes of our meetings to pictures of all the Cadillacs that we’ve seen at various shows and events.

We are a registered non-profit society. We have created our own club logo and decals, opened a bank account, built up a strong membership of Cadillac owners and interested parties.

We have had a very open and non-exclusive approach encouraging participation from young and old, men and women with either early or late model Cadillacs in everything from excellent to rather rough condition. Our aim has always been to get connected for our mutual benefit.to swap parts.tell stories.share ideas and enjoy the convenience and pleasure of local Cadillac shows, cruises and events.

The Cadillac Club of British Columbia has been so successful on Vancouver Island that members there have started their own chapter of the club.

We believe the CCBC will only get bigger and better as we learn more and receive help from both members and sponsors along the way.