History of Cadillac Cars

The automobile industry is growing tremendously. Most young people dream of owning a classic, luxury and quality car. However, little is known about the automobile history of surrounding luxurious Cadillac cars. Globally, Cadillac is among the oldest automobile companies founded on 22nd August 1902 by Henry Ford. His initial intent was to mix framework with a single-cylinder engine developed by old-mobile. This resulted in the formation of the Cadillac Company. On July 29th, 1909, the newly launched General Motor Corporation acquired Cadillac at a cost of 4.5 million dollars. Since then, Cadillac cars are known for luxury and a symbol of United States dream resulting to quality.

History of Cadillac Cars that you should Know

The history of Cadillac cars begins with Model 30 to latest Cadillac ELR and Cadillac CT6. Did you know that Tonneau and Runabout were the first Cadillac’s automobiles completed by 1902 October? The two-seater horseless wagon powered by seven KWs single-cylinder engine resembled Ford Model A made in 1903. Surprisingly, Tonneau and Runabout were impressive enough to attract more than 1,500 orders during the January 1903 Auto show in New York City. Since then, American considered Cadillac cars better than the American competitor. It was listed among the United States finest automaker.

Cadillac has recorded tremendous growth. In 1915, the company headlined for releasing Cadillac cars powered by water-cooled V-8 engine. The ninety degrees flat headed engine featured a 52KW horsepower at 2400 rPM allowing a car move at a speed of 65 miles per hour. In 1918, Synchromesh was introduced. In 1930, the company introduced V-12 featuring a 45-degree overhead valve was introduced. Later, V-16 coupled with a series of innovations. To date, the company is strong brand that boasts of luxury car market that set a high automobile standard globally.

The post-war was marked by stylish designs, which caught the automobile market by surprise. Cadillac innovation incorporating Harley J. Earl ideas were outstanding. Wraparound, front-bumper, windshields and tailfins were trending very fast. In 1924, Cadillac car courted with lacquer paint storm the market. The company offered cars different coloured vehicle, while the competitor could only offer black. To create the next car, the company hired a stylist instead of an engineer. The move aimed at setting the style bar high on top of quality.

In 1947, the Cadillac Fleetwood was the next big thing in the content of design style. Using the style, the company hit the one million car mark featuring the famous de Ville automobile series. Concerning modern design, art and science philosophy was used to meet the needs of the young generation. Outstanding phrases such as sheer forms, crisp edges and sharp are used to express high and bold technological design.

Technology has revolutionized the automobile industry. Powered by technology, beautiful designs characterize Cadillac cars. Massive attention channelled towards details solidifies Cadillac space in the automobile fast growing industry. Cadillac cars enjoy a high reputation for design, opulence, and luxury. If you dream of a luxury car, Cadillac is a strong brand that commands respect on the road. Although the automobile market has stiff competition, Cadillac cars continue to set the world standard high. With a vintage collection and modern models such Cadillac SRX, Cadillac XTS, Cadillac ELR, and Cadillac CT6, Cadillac cars are awesome.

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